I am a wife to Ryan, mom to Emma, a fur mom to two cats and a dog, and I love everything about the Pacific Northwest. And, depending on the season, you can find me spending my free time gardening, painting, or sewing.

After leaving a 22-year career, I began a personal development journey that led me to becoming a certified life coach and opening my own business in late 2020. Around the same time, I embarked on a health journey to once and for all, shed nearly 80 unwanted pounds that I had been fighting to lose for about two decades. Fortunately, I found a program that paired nutrition + exercise + support, and for once I started seeing changes and having results that I previously had not experienced when trying other programs and services.

Something else was happening while I was starting to shed the unwanted pounds.

For the first time in my life, I was enjoying the journey and the work it took to explore, practice, and develop new habits and routines.

This started to spill over into other areas of my life like creating a home that was tidy, organized, calm, and functional. This didn’t happen overnight, and it isn’t always perfect, but I find when everything has a place and a purpose, it makes it maintenance much more manageable… much like a health routine.

As I built momentum and consistency in my daily health routine, pieces in and around my home began to become more orderly and supported the lifestyle I was creating. It also helped me rediscover a love for being creative that I previously didn’t have time for because my days were busting at the seams with other tasks and responsibilities.

Through this process of curating habits and routines that supported the healthy lifestyle I desired, I was able to more carefully and intentionally choose how to spend my time, and decide what to bring inside my home. From the groceries I purchased, to how I planned my day, I slowly began to curate the life and home I had always imagined.

The personal journey I have been on has infused the inspiration for the coaching services I offer. Whether you’re interested in virtual health and wellness group coaching, or 1:1 personal coaching services, I will help you find ways to take back control and shed unwanted habits to curate the healthy life and home you desire.

Because when we leave behind the habits that no longer serve us, we can live with purpose and find joy in the journey.

Erin Poznanski Life Coach
Certified Coach Training Alliance
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Finding Joy In The Journey – One Day At A Time

Quote says "If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies"
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