If you knew that falling down was part of the process to achieving success, would it help you to rebound sooner?

If you knew that perfectionism would paralyze progress, would you be more inclined to take small or messy action?

If you knew that you could have flexibility in accomplishing your goal at your own pace, would you be more likely to keep going?

So often we only see the highlight reel of others crushing their goals and achieving their dreams. What we don’t see or talk about is how many times did they fall down and start again?

We may not know that they fell down 18 times but got up 19. We may not see that they hoped to achieve their goal four years earlier, but they are just achieving it now. We may also not see that they were paralyzed by perfectionism for years because the plan they originally set for themselves fell flat immediately after putting it to work.

When we only see the highlight reel, we shortchange ourselves on making progress in areas that we want to grow or expand. Instead, let’s put on our blinders, focus on one thing to move closer to achieving our goals, and start taking messy and imperfect action.

Here are some simple tips to help get you started:

  • Choose one area to focus on. Yes, only one. Focus on this one area until you’ve mastered or achieved it.
  • Block 15-30 minutes of your day to work on that area. This could be in two or three chunks, or one solid block of time. Commit to taking some action to the one area you decided to focus on.
  • Journal and track your progress each day. Yes, each day! You’ll thank me later when you want to look back at all the progress you made.
  • Reward yourself along the way for progress in reaching your goal. Whether it’s a pat on the back, a virtual high-five or a candlelit bubble bath. A fun way to do this is create a rewards jar of all the things you like and when it’s time to celebrate, pull one out and do what it says.

If, or when, you have a slip, start back at the top. That is part of the journey to making progress, not perfection.

Lastly, should you find yourself struggling with making progress and want extra support on your journey, I am available. You can find more information on the Life Coaching tab or reach out to me via the Contact page on my website.

Your coach,