Do you ever feel like the day is over even before it began? Does it seem like everyone else controls or dictates how you spend your day? Or do you ever just wish that you could find 30-minutes in your day to have some time to sit and think?

At one time or another I have answered “yes” to all of these. There was even a long period of time where this seemed to play out every day of the week for weeks on end.

Finally, I had enough and needed to find a way to take back and own my day.

The first thing I did was research the topic. I came across a variety of tips and strategies for owning my day. From getting up 30-minutes earlier in the morning, to planning out every hour of my day, to setting boundaries and saying “no” to everything that was not a priority to me.

In theory these all sounded great. So, I attempted to implement them but found myself falling short only a few days later.

In no time, my days were back to a chaotic blur but what happened next was a game-changer.

I visualized owning my day.

I began by imagining how I wanted my day to feel as I went through it, and then imagined how I wanted to feel by the time I went to bed. For me, I wanted my day to feel calm, purposeful, and organized and I wanted to end it feeling accomplished, productive, and proud.

When I started by visualizing my day and getting crystal clear in how I wanted my days to feel, I began to gain a greater sense of power and control for managing the hours of my day.

It became easier to see where I could find 30-minutes of “me time” because I knew taking care of me would help me feel calmer in my day. It became easier to manage and schedule important tasks and responsibilities because I had purpose and intention for how I was going to spend my day. And I found it easier to say “no” and set boundaries on things that did not fit into the vision for my day, or week.

If you are feeling like every day is a chaotic, rat race or that you’re on the hamster wheel of life, there is hope in gaining control and taking back your day.

Start by visualizing owning your day.

It might be uncomfortable at first but take 15-20 minutes and let yourself brainstorm and visualize how you want your day to run. Write down every feeling that comes to mind, along with any activities or priorities that you want to accommodate in your day. Next, create a plan for owning your day. Whether it’s writing it down in a day planner, or using the calendar in your phone, sketch out your desired plan. This may require testing and tweaking over a few weeks, so give it some time and when you need to – come back to visualizing owning your day.

When we visualize our day and protect our time, we own our day and get closer to moving our goals and dreams forward.

Make it a great day! And, if you give this exercise a try, I’d love to hear how it works for you.

Your coach,