Whether you are reading this in January or later in the year, Happy New Year!

When you embark on a new year are you one to lunge into it with zest and fire for a “new you” or do you tiptoe to test the waters of what the coming year is about to bring?

As I reflect on previous years, I was someone who lunged. I can vividly remember finding myself around early November wishing away the remainder of the year in hopes January would bring a magical new year and new me. I’d have big bold goals like lose 50+ pounds or save $10,000, but soon the magic wore off and back to reality I found myself. Often feeling frustrated and like a failure.

But this year, it’s different.

This year, I have tiptoed into it with a slowness and appreciation for who I am, where I am, and where I am going.
I am taking this month to reflect on the highs and lows from the previous few years and considering what I want to focus on most in the coming year. As part of this process, I am paying particular attention to the moments that brought me joy and calm, as well as the ones that raised my stress and caused me angst.

What I’ve learned so far is it might be a new year but I’m the same person with the same goals I had last year. I just have a little more clarity for what I want out of this one beautiful life I have to live and little more determination to focus on that in the year ahead.

If you’re finding yourself a few weeks (or months) into the new year and not feeling much different than you did last year, I feel you. And, if you lunged into the new year with gusto only to feel like you’re already fizzling out, I see you. Either way, we are here at the start of a new year. 

It might be a new year but with a little appreciation for who we are today and some extra reflection and intention for what we really want, I believe we can more clearly finetune who it is we want to become all the while enjoying who we are today – flaws and all.

For me – I want to be the happiest and healthiest person I can be so that’s where I’ll be leaning in. What about you? I’d love to hear what’s on your heart for this year and how this resonates with you.

Are you on team New Year, New Me!? Or, New Year, Same Me?! Either way, let’s make this year one to remember and end it appreciating all the ups and downs we may encounter along the way. For that is where we find joy in the journey.

Happy New Year and best wishes,