When I let go of obsessing about reaching a number on the scale, or getting into a certain dress size, by a specific date I started to see results.

Results that were not measured by hard data but instead by how I wanted to feel.

This shift has allowed me to respect my body for where it is at this moment in time. This shift also allowed me to move from beating myself up for decades of unhealthy choices and instead focus on how I want to feel in the days, months, and years ahead.

When I made this shift, I started to experience feelings of relief, excitement, and joy. It was in this process I finally started feeling and living in ways that aligned to being happier and healthier.

Relief came when I let go of the obsession of feeling I had to be perfect in all my choices each day.

Excitement came when I found a community of people who shared this belief and inspired me to show up even on the days I didn’t want to because I wasn’t perfect.

Joy came when I started to see the compound effect of the actions I had been taking.

Moving away from feelings of obsession and perfection made way for slow and steady progress in ways I never thought could be possible. Making this shift helped me see that taking care of myself is an honor and a gift, not a dreadful chore.

If you’ve struggled in similar ways, know that you are not alone. If you are ready to make a shift but are not sure where to begin, follow these simples steps:

1. Get clear and specific on how you want to feel.
2. Visualize and write down the actions that align to those feelings.
3. Create a plan to take action.
4. Now, take action!

If this feels like too much to manage on your own and you need support or accountability, click on Life Coaching to learn more about how I can help.

Your coach,