What is your intention for today? What is your intention for the coming month or season? 

Is it just to survive and get through this season of life? Or would you like to move the needle a little closer on a goal, hobby, or project that you’ve been putting on the back burner for too long?

If you have found yourself living on autopilot or feeling caught in a hamster wheel and want to be living life differently, then it’s time to set your intention for the living the life you imagine. 

This was the focus of small group discussions I led this past weekend at a wellness event my good friend and owner of Solei & Co, Jenni Shires, hosted for our community. 

Hearing each persons desire and helping them to create a plan to take action, was so inspiring to witness. As I guided them through a series of questions to answer, each uncovered a plan to take action upon leaving.

For some it was to consider ways to make time for meditation, for others it was about being more mindful for how they spend their time each day. For one, it was affirming their dream to write a book, another acknowleged it was time to change careers, and other realized it was time to get back to feeling healthy and happy.

As I have reflected on this experience this week, it helped to remind me that I also need to be checking in and asking myself this same question, “What are my intentions for today, tomorrow, this month, this season?” 

I asked myself this question some time ago but this exercise reminded me how important it is to revisit this on a regular basis – and not just one moment in time.

If it’s been a while since you’ve asked yourself this question, I challenge you to take 5-minutes and ponder this question.

Once you gain clarity on what that is, then ask yourself “What needs to happen for me to live in alignment with my intentions?” It might mean big changes need to happen, or it might mean you need to find 10-minutes in your day to “do the thing”. 

But what comes next is the most important part. What can you take action on today to move you closer?

This is where the magic happens. 

Creating a plan and taking action – even in a small step each day – will lead to greater results than taking no action at all or continuing to stay in autopilot waiting for the right time.

So friend, what is your intention today? What is your intention for the coming month or this season you are entering? And what action will you take and when? Will you start now, or tomorrow? And how will you hold yourself accountable?

If those questions are hard for you answer or you are unsure how to begin creating a plan, I can help. I don’t have all the answers and my journey will look different than yours, but as a coach I will listen, support, and guide you to find the solutions that work for YOU. If you’d like to explore working together, contact me to schedule a complimentary 20-minute discovery call. 

Let this be the year you break free from the proverbial hamster wheel and start living in alignment with the life you imagine. 

You’ve got this,