It is so good to have you here and I’m excited to share more about the purpose and intentions of this blog. But, first, a little about me. 

I am Erin, a certified life coach with a passion for organizing. With a Master’s degree and 22-years in non-profit leadership, I decided in the Fall of 2020 to lean into my calling to support busy women to create the calm, peaceful, and purposeful life and home they have always wanted. Thus, I founded and launched a life coaching and organizing business called Curate: Your Life. Your Home. 

The word curate has been one that I have always been drawn to. Like the curator who strategically selects that most magnificent artwork for a museum exhibit, I believe we should approach how we manage our time, our lives and our homes with similar respect and appreciation.

When we do, we more carefully and intentionally choose how we spend our time and decide what to bring inside.

Peaceful and purposeful can be defined by each of us differently and that is what lights me on fire. For some this could be letting go of the things that feel suffocating but for others this can be living in organized chaos. We all thrive differently and there is not one perfect solution for each and every one of us.

When we curate, we more carefully and intentionally choose how we spend our time and decide what to bring into our lives.

I love hearing about each person’s unique goals and desired results. By blending life coaching strategies with common organizing techniques, it allows for an individualized plan to be created. Whether it is to have everything in its place, a functional system to create calm and order in the home or gaining time back in your day to have guilt-free ‘me time’ – I strive to support busy women in achieving their individual goals and dreams.

While my passion is working 1:1 with women to come up with unique solutions, I have found there are some challenges that many struggle with that often have similar solutions and outcomes. That is why I have started this blog. And, while it is designed to serve the working woman who is bogged down by juggling multiple roles throughout any given day, I welcome all who face these challenges (men included) to enjoy the information and solutions that will be presented in the posts ahead.  

Whether it is struggling to gain clarity on a particular goal to tackle, finding 30-minutes of uninterrupted time to work in daily exercise, or how to develop a system to organize or declutter your home, I’ll offer simple and practical solutions for getting started and for building momentum to maintain the calm and order that has long been desired. 

Now that you know a little more about me, I would love to hear what topics are of interest to you. What comes to mind for you when you think about curating your life and home? Feel free to email to me directly at Look forward to hearing from you. Until next time, be well!

Your coach,

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