Own Your Day

Own Your Day

Do you ever feel like the day is over even before it began? Does it seem like everyone else controls or dictates how you spend your day? Or do you ever just wish that you could find 30-minutes in your day to have some time to sit and think?

At one time or another I have answered “yes” to all of these. There was even a long period of time where this seemed to play out every day of the week for weeks on end.

Finally, I had enough and needed to find a way to take back and own my day.

The first thing I did was research the topic. I came across a variety of tips and strategies for owning my day. From getting up 30-minutes earlier in the morning, to planning out every hour of my day, to setting boundaries and saying “no” to everything that was not a priority to me.

In theory these all sounded great. So, I attempted to implement them but found myself falling short only a few days later.

In no time, my days were back to a chaotic blur but what happened next was a game-changer.

I visualized owning my day.

I began by imagining how I wanted my day to feel as I went through it, and then imagined how I wanted to feel by the time I went to bed. For me, I wanted my day to feel calm, purposeful, and organized and I wanted to end it feeling accomplished, productive, and proud.

When I started by visualizing my day and getting crystal clear in how I wanted my days to feel, I began to gain a greater sense of power and control for managing the hours of my day.

It became easier to see where I could find 30-minutes of “me time” because I knew taking care of me would help me feel calmer in my day. It became easier to manage and schedule important tasks and responsibilities because I had purpose and intention for how I was going to spend my day. And I found it easier to say “no” and set boundaries on things that did not fit into the vision for my day, or week.

If you are feeling like every day is a chaotic, rat race or that you’re on the hamster wheel of life, there is hope in gaining control and taking back your day.

Start by visualizing owning your day.

It might be uncomfortable at first but take 15-20 minutes and let yourself brainstorm and visualize how you want your day to run. Write down every feeling that comes to mind, along with any activities or priorities that you want to accommodate in your day. Next, create a plan for owning your day. Whether it’s writing it down in a day planner, or using the calendar in your phone, sketch out your desired plan. This may require testing and tweaking over a few weeks, so give it some time and when you need to – come back to visualizing owning your day.

When we visualize our day and protect our time, we own our day and get closer to moving our goals and dreams forward.

Make it a great day! And, if you give this exercise a try, I’d love to hear how it works for you.

Your coach,

Progress Over Perfection

Progress Over Perfection

If you knew that falling down was part of the process to achieving success, would it help you to rebound sooner?

If you knew that perfectionism would paralyze progress, would you be more inclined to take small or messy action?

If you knew that you could have flexibility in accomplishing your goal at your own pace, would you be more likely to keep going?

So often we only see the highlight reel of others crushing their goals and achieving their dreams. What we don’t see or talk about is how many times did they fall down and start again?

We may not know that they fell down 18 times but got up 19. We may not see that they hoped to achieve their goal four years earlier, but they are just achieving it now. We may also not see that they were paralyzed by perfectionism for years because the plan they originally set for themselves fell flat immediately after putting it to work.

When we only see the highlight reel, we shortchange ourselves on making progress in areas that we want to grow or expand. Instead, let’s put on our blinders, focus on one thing to move closer to achieving our goals, and start taking messy and imperfect action.

Here are some simple tips to help get you started:

  • Choose one area to focus on. Yes, only one. Focus on this one area until you’ve mastered or achieved it.
  • Block 15-30 minutes of your day to work on that area. This could be in two or three chunks, or one solid block of time. Commit to taking some action to the one area you decided to focus on.
  • Journal and track your progress each day. Yes, each day! You’ll thank me later when you want to look back at all the progress you made.
  • Reward yourself along the way for progress in reaching your goal. Whether it’s a pat on the back, a virtual high-five or a candlelit bubble bath. A fun way to do this is create a rewards jar of all the things you like and when it’s time to celebrate, pull one out and do what it says.

If, or when, you have a slip, start back at the top. That is part of the journey to making progress, not perfection.

Lastly, should you find yourself struggling with making progress and want extra support on your journey, I am available. You can find more information on the Life Coaching tab or reach out to me via the Contact page on my website.

Your coach,

Cast Your Vision

Cast Your Vision

What do you see when you imagine your dream life?

If you were to look one year ahead – even five or ten years – what would you see?

Would you have pursued the job of your dreams? Would you have mastered the hobby you have been nervous to start? Would you have gained control over your health and fitness like you’ve told yourself you would? Would you have published the book you’ve so badly wanted to write? Would you have achieved financial freedom and invested in the vacation home that you always wanted to have?

Each of us have different goals, aspirations, and desires but what’s most important to consider is: are you in pursuit of your goals and dreams?

If you aren’t, then it’s time to cast your vision.

We often have so many other competing responsibilities that we hold off making time to dream or envision what the life of our dreams looks like.

Perhaps you are living it. If so, way to go! But if you aren’t, and you are caught in the daily grind we call life, I encourage you to find 30-minutes this next week to sit in quiet and think. Really think. Think about what your life looks like in one – five – or ten years.

Here are some questions to help prompt your brainstorm.

  • What goals are you working toward – in your personal life, family, career?
    • What do you want? What do you need?
  • When you imagine reaching your goals, what does your life look like?
  • What images, words and phrases represent your life when you have achieved your goals?
  • What will it take to reach your goal?
  • How will the process of reaching your goal change you?

Now, grab a piece of paper (or make a note in your phone) and write down all that comes to mind. What is lighting you up with excitement? Or, what’s making your stomach churn with nervousness? Write it all down. Every little and BIG thing.

Next, cast your vision! There are many ways to do this but my favorite is creating a physical vision board that you can see and reflect on daily. All you need is a poster board, some motivational pictures or sayings that reflect what you wrote down from your 30-minute brainstorm, some tape and time to commit to assembling your board.

This can be powerful! Personally, I created my dream job and have gotten into the best shape of my life after developing a vision board two years ago.

Create your own vision board or hire me to host a vision board party.

Your coach,

Begin. Just Begin.

Begin. Just Begin.

When was the last time you set a goal or committed to pursuing the dream you have been sitting on?

If you are struggling to remember when, then it is time to shift your focus back to YOU.

So often we are pulled into a million directions due to the many hats we wear. We often pour our energy first into those around us leaving us empty to take action on what matters most – pursuing our own goals and dreams.

The truth of the matter is no one else is going to make time for us. No one else is going to pour energy into us. Only we can make time for ourselves and when we first pour into ourselves, we have more energy to give to others who need our support.

As we get older, it’s harder to take action. I’ve been there. I used to think my story was written. That the job I had would be what I always would do. That I was too old to start a new hobby. That I would always be heavy and overweight because the older you got the harder it would be to lose weight. That the goals and dreams of those around me were more important than my own.

Well, you know what. I was wrong! Very wrong! What I learned was, I was afraid. I was afraid of failing. I was afraid of what people would think. I was afraid of it being hard.

So instead, I began. I began to dream about what I wanted. As I dreamt, I created a list of things that I wanted to pursue. As I created the list, I started to envision a timeline for when I wanted these things to happen. Once I envisioned a timeline, I took action. Once I took action, fear dissipated, and confidence grew.

I knew change wouldn’t happen overnight, so I focused on the one day in front of me. As I began to take action, my confidence grew, and my fear lessened. In no time, momentum was gaining and results were starting to happen.

I share all this to let you know growth and change is possible – at any age. It just takes beginning.

If you are sitting on a goal or a dream waiting for the perfect time to start, I am here to tell you that there will never be one. We will always be busy, there will always be something that needs our attention, and it will always feel scary to try something new. Once you know that all to be true, goals and dreams will be achieved. If you don’t believe me – give it a try. Begin. Just begin.

I would love to hear from you. What goal are you holding yourself back from starting? What’s getting in your way? And, if you would like to receive a FREE goal setting tool, click the button below.

Stay tuned for the next post on Casting Your Vision.

Your coach,

Hello and Welcome!

It is so good to have you here and I’m excited to share more about the purpose and intentions of this blog. But, first, a little about me. 

I am Erin, a certified life coach with a passion for organizing. With a Master’s degree and 22-years in non-profit leadership, I decided in the Fall of 2020 to lean into my calling to support busy women to create the calm, peaceful, and purposeful life and home they have always wanted. Thus, I founded and launched a life coaching and organizing business called Curate: Your Life. Your Home. 

The word curate has been one that I have always been drawn to. Like the curator who strategically selects that most magnificent artwork for a museum exhibit, I believe we should approach how we manage our time, our lives and our homes with similar respect and appreciation.

When we do, we more carefully and intentionally choose how we spend our time and decide what to bring inside.

Peaceful and purposeful can be defined by each of us differently and that is what lights me on fire. For some this could be letting go of the things that feel suffocating but for others this can be living in organized chaos. We all thrive differently and there is not one perfect solution for each and every one of us.

When we curate, we more carefully and intentionally choose how we spend our time and decide what to bring into our lives.

I love hearing about each person’s unique goals and desired results. By blending life coaching strategies with common organizing techniques, it allows for an individualized plan to be created. Whether it is to have everything in its place, a functional system to create calm and order in the home or gaining time back in your day to have guilt-free ‘me time’ – I strive to support busy women in achieving their individual goals and dreams.

While my passion is working 1:1 with women to come up with unique solutions, I have found there are some challenges that many struggle with that often have similar solutions and outcomes. That is why I have started this blog. And, while it is designed to serve the working woman who is bogged down by juggling multiple roles throughout any given day, I welcome all who face these challenges (men included) to enjoy the information and solutions that will be presented in the posts ahead.  

Whether it is struggling to gain clarity on a particular goal to tackle, finding 30-minutes of uninterrupted time to work in daily exercise, or how to develop a system to organize or declutter your home, I’ll offer simple and practical solutions for getting started and for building momentum to maintain the calm and order that has long been desired. 

Now that you know a little more about me, I would love to hear what topics are of interest to you. What comes to mind for you when you think about curating your life and home? Feel free to email to me directly at erin@curateyourlifehome.com. Look forward to hearing from you. Until next time, be well!

Your coach,

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