One of my favorite quotes is “Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right.” by Henry Ford.

After first hearing this quote, I started to become aware of the internal dialogue I was having with myself about what I could and could not do. Truth be told, the things I was saying I couldn’t do far outweighed the things I told myself I could do.

Once I realized this, I became more cognizant of how I was speaking to myself when trying new things or changing old ways. Each time a defeating or negative comment entered my mind or rolled off my tongue, I would shift my thinking to say, “But what if I could – if even for just one day?”

Making this shift helped me break free from the many limiting beliefs I had been telling myself for years. Limiting beliefs like “I can’t quit drinking.” Or “I can’t do that job.” Or most recently, “I can’t do a plank jumping jack or jump lunge.”

Yes, believe it or not – that last thought just went through my head earlier this week.

Since I have increased my awareness for when I tell myself I can’t do something, I immediately flip the script to say, “I can try.” And try again. Especially when it’s something I want badly enough or know that I need to change or improve.

It pleases me to say that I did both plank jumping jacks and jump lunges this week! I have also quit drinking and celebrated 3 years of sobriety this past January 1.

I share this not for applause but to say that when we have belief in ourselves and want something bad enough, anything is possible.

If I were to ask you, “Is there a change you want to make? Or a new hobby or job you want to try?” How would you answer?

Would you say you can, or you can’t?

Think about that.

If you find yourself coming up with reasons for why you can’t or why it won’t work, stop, and breathe belief into what’s possible. When you believe that you can, you are half the way there.

And if you are finding it tough to get started, borrow belief from me that you can. Then try. And try again.

I would love to hear how this practice works for you and what it helps you overcome and achieve. Reach out anytime to share your success or any other areas where you might struggle in achieving your goals.

You’ve got this!