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Hi! I’m Erin Poznanski.

Is your schedule packed with tasks, due dates, and appointments leaving you with no ‘me time’ to tackle the health goals you set for yourself long ago? Do the spaces in your home feel chaotic and out of control? Are you ready to give up the excuses of “I’ll start on Monday” or “I’ll start when I’m ready” to create sustainable habits and routines to live life with purpose?

If you find yourself saying ‘yes’ to any of those questions, know that I can relate and am here to help you overcome these challenges. As a certified life coach with a passion for creating systems and organizing, I support women in the middle of life to shed unwanted habits to curate a healthy life and home.

In my work, I blend life and health coaching with organizing principles to ensure your unique goals are met. Whether it is to have everything in its place, a functional system to support the healthy habits you desire, or gaining time in your day to have guilt-free ‘me time’ – I will work to support you in achieving your individual goals and dreams.

If you’re feeling stuck on your health journey, aren’t sure where to begin, or feel like you can’t get a moment to make time for YOU, I believe I can help. Whether it’s through the virtual health and wellness groups I run or 1:1 personal coaching, to learn more about my journey or how to work with me, check out my story.

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Setting Goals

Through coaching, you will uncover what you want to achieve and align your focus to become who you were meant to be.

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Creating Habits

You will learn and apply helpful strategies to shed unwanted habits to make room for the healthy life and home you desire.

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Achieving Results

On the path to achieving results you will uncover the joy in the journey of becoming someone who sets goals and crushes them.


Erin helped me uncover the steps to transform my morning routine to get me up, out of my PJs, and the funk I was finding myself in during quarantine. I now have a morning routine to rely on and I know when I first spend time taking care of me, I can better show up for my family.

- Jennifer P.

Erin is a gifted coach and has a special ability to ask the right questions and help her clients discover what’s most important to them. Meeting with Erin for just one coaching session changed me. Being in my organization for over 20 years, I needed to find clarity and determine what I wanted next in my life and in my career. Erin helped me find that clarity and held me accountable to taking steps forward toward my goals.

- Karen H.

Working with Erin helped me to break through barriers I was facing in leveling up with my company without feeling I was working 24/7 to do so. In a couple sessions with Erin, she allowed me the space to talk through the challenges which helped me identify the natural and actionable next steps to take. As a result, I have leveled up and am so proud of the breakthrough I had!

- Elena N.